Stop Hunger Resources

Please find below a selection of resources relating to Stop Hunger to help you show your heart and play your part. Some will only be accessible to Sodexo employees, but many are publicly available:

  • Download and show your heart with Stop Hunger's 2020 annual report.
  • Get your copy of the 2020 Stop Hunger donation roadmap and see where our actions have made a difference.
  • Click here to get involved in the conversation and follow us on Twitter @STOP_HungerUK.
  • If you would like to fundraise for Stop Hunger, please visit our fundraising page.
  • For Sodexo employees, if you want to volunteer with charities that support Stop Hunger or to find out more about the volunteering entitlement at Sodexo visit our volunteering page.
  • Take part in the Sodexo weekly employee lottery known as Your Lucky Number - please click here.
  • If you are a Sodexo employee and would like to order collateral such as t-shirts, water bottles and caps then please visit the Sodexo Shop.


Stop Hunger videos

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