Our 2020 annual report

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Presented in a new format, this year’s annual Stop Hunger report has been created to celebrate the Foundation’s successes, clearly demonstrating where our contributors have helped make a difference. With more than £450,000 raised across the 2020 financial year, this new document puts their support at the heart of the Foundation’s impact.

2019 was a record-breaking year for Stop Hunger. For the first time ever, the Foundation raised more than £500,000, making significant donations to 13 charity partners and impacting the lives of more than 300,000 beneficiaries. Unfortunately, 2020 continues to be a challenging year for our communities and third sector organisations, including Stop Hunger’s charity partners.

The global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic saw an urgent need for the Foundation to adapt so it can continue to support those who need it most. Six months since the beginning of the crisis, Stop Hunger is still developing the ways we are working to support both our charity partners and our contributors as much as possible, including the introduction of it’s first ever Sodexo employee survey to help shape the Foundation’s future focus.

Even with such a difficult year, Stop Hunger has been able to overcome adversity and continue to deliver significant impact throughout its 2020 financial year.

Stop Hunger donated almost £300,000 to 19 charity partners, as well as record more than 2,500 hours of volunteering in the past year. The Foundation could not have achieved this amazing result without the loyal presence and actions of its supporters, including Stop Hunger’s Charity Champions, volunteers and fundraisers.

To celebrate these successes, the annual Stop Hunger report has been created to clearly demonstrate where our contributors, including more than 5,000 Sodexo employees, have shown their heart. The reports new format is different from previous years and has been developed so our contributors can easily show how they’ve played their part – we encourage you to download and share the report (click here).

You can also click here to download our updated donation roadmap and discover exactly where your support and our actions have made a difference over the last 9 years.

On behalf of the Foundation’s trustees, thank you to everyone who has and continues to support Stop Hunger helping us to deliver real impact in local communities across the UK and Ireland.

Our 2020 annual report