Our actions

Globally, Stop Hunger focuses on support to local communities for those most in need, support to social entrepreneurs to set up innovative systems to fight against hunger and malnutrition, and assistance in case of emergencies or climatic disasters affecting entire populations in areas of chronic hunger.

Locally in the UK and Ireland, we focus on volunteering, fundraising through our communities and major events. Please see below for more information on these activities.




We encourage two forms of volunteering:


  • Hands on volunteering that requires no special skills other than the heart, the willingness to offer time and to act for change.
  • Skills-based volunteering  for our charities that require professional skills, such as accounting or IT support.


For Sodexo employees you can find out how to play your part by visiting our resources page - click here.

Stop Hunger Day
Stop Hunger Day

Stop Hunger Day

A special day held annually each spring. Stop Hunger Day focuses on raising funds for the Foundation across the UK and Ireland and is supported by both Sodexo colleagues and our charity partners alike.


We encourage everyone to show their heart and get involved in any way they can.

Stop Hunger Shop

Stop Hunger collateral

We have a variety of Stop unger products available to Sodexo employees and charity partners - all profits will be donated to the Foundation.


If you are a Sodexo employee and would like to order collateral such as t-shirts, water bottles and caps then please visit the Sodexo Shop.



Every year Stop Hunger hosts multiple fundraising events including our annual Foundation Dinner and our supplier golf day held at Woburn golf club. These events help Sodexo's clients, suppliers and employees engage with the Stop Hunger Foundation and supports us to our fundraising targets.


If you would like to arrange your own Stop Hunger fundraising activity, please visit our resources page - click here.

Your Lucky Number

Your Lucky Number

Sodexo employees in the UK and Ireland have an opportunity to donate to Stop Hunger through a number of activities, including our employee lottery known as Your Lucky Number.


For just £1 a week lottery, three participants have the chance to win part of a prize fund every week of the year. The scheme now has more than 4,000 members and sees 45% of the proceeds going directly to the Stop Hunger Foundation to support its charity partners.


If you are a Sodexo employee and would like to particpate in Your Lucky Number, please click here.