My Summer Volunteering Experience - #MyStopHungerPledge

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Have you made your #MyStopHungerPledge? Read Jennifer's three day volunteering experience and why you should get involved. Your help can really make a difference!

This summer, Stop Hunger has been asking Sodexo employees to make their #MyStopHungerPledge. Jennifer Shaw from Service Operations fulfilled their pledge and spent three days with Community Food Initiatives North East in Aberdeen, volunteering to support a cause that helps tackle hunger and malnutrition.

Read Jennifer’s volunteering experience below and why she thinks volunteering is so important.


My three days of volunteering this year were spent with CFINE in Aberdeen. This was an invaluable experience that I will remember indefinitely.

Each day was varied with lots of different tasks needing completing. These included working in the food bank distributing food parcels, making up meal bags and stock rotation in the warehouse - there is a job for anyone! As I was so busy each day, before I knew, it was time to finish up. The staff and other volunteers were so grateful for the extra help that if there was anything that I was not comfortable doing, they would have been more than happy to give me a different task.

Over my three days I got a break from the office over the summer and had the opportunity to support an amazing cause in my local community. You don’t have to commit to a full day, you could even do half a day if that is all that is needed – CFINE were just grateful for the assistance as they rely primarily on volunteers to help continue their hard work.

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I signed up to volunteer with a local organisation, seeking out a charity that supports Stop Hungers aims. Stop Hunger already helps by offering some amazing opportunities with Fareshare and the Trussell Trust. I regularly volunteer with various charities and organisations, and Sodexo has supported this by giving me the time off work to help. You can volunteer with any charity or organisation that supports Stop Hunger’s aims!

Sign up as a team or equally as an individual (like I did) – there were always other volunteers to talk to. Additionally, the people coming in to use the service are equally as chatty and appreciative of any involvement.

In my experience, volunteering helps to develop new skills and builds on existing experience and knowledge - it is something I will definitely be putting on my CV! Volunteering is also known to help improve self-confidence, provide a sense of purpose and counteract the effects of stress, anger and anxiety – things we can all benefit from.

On a personal note, I gained a valuable insight into the charitable sector, made new friends and generally had a very humbling experience. I cannot wait to get involved again in my spare time!

Jennifer Shaw - GM Deployment Manager, Service Operations at Sodexo


Organised summer opportunities to volunteer with Stop Hunger charity partners are currently available until the 31st August 2018. Click here to see your local opportunity and sign up!

Sodexo’s volunteering policy gives all employees the chance to take up to three days paid leave to volunteer with charities or organisations aligned to Stop Hungers aims of tackling hunger and malnutrition. Get involved with a local organisation and help us make a difference.

If you have any questions or can’t find an organised opportunity near you, please contact

Make your #MyStopHungerPledge and join us in the fight against hunger.

More information on Sodexo volunteering can be found on Sodexo_Net or Your Sodexo.

My Summer Volunteering Experience - #MyStopHungerPledge