Stop Hunger Foundation Trustees

The Stop Hunger Trustees are made up of nine senior employees across Sodexo within various functions.

The Trustees ambition is to create a real impact through the Stop Hunger Foundation, in tackling hunger and malnutrition across the UK and Ireland. The Trustees meet quarterly, consider applications and decide who will recieve funding in the year. If you would like to apply for a Stop Hunger grant please visit our 'contact us' page.


Gareth trustess-resize200x200.jpg Gareth John-  European Director of Legal Affairs & Chair of trustees

Sean Trustee-resize200x200.jpg Sean Haley- Regional Chairman and Managing Director, Service Operations

Patrick Trustee-resize200x200.jpg Patrick Forbes- Buying Director, Supply Management

Niamh trustee-resize200x200.jpg Niamh Cray- HR Director, Ireland


Sam Trustee-resize200x285.jpg Sam Scott- Senior Brand and Communications Manager - Defence and Government Services Segment

David Trustee-resize200x200.jpg David Mulcahy- Food Development & Innovation Director

Stop Hunger image 22-resize200x70.jpg Greg Jennings- EPoS Team Lead

Stop Hunger image 22-resize200x70.jpg Simon McCluskey- Commerial Controller